We are aiming to simplify the way to participate in this ICO as far as possible. So, the basic steps would involve a registration, verification and a purchase. Sounds easy, right?

Let’s go through those steps more specifically.

First of all, you would need to register with the NAGA ICO. We are asking for simple user data and some personal information to setup your account. 

After you are registered, you can verify yourself. Your account needs to be verified if you want to purchase more than 1000$/€ via Fiat Currency. Click here to get a detailed guide on how to verify yourself.

Now you can start funding your account. You are able to fund your account via BTC, LTC, DSH, ETH or Fiat Money (EUR/USD) via major credit cards or bank transfer. You can buy the tokens with any wallet which holds a BTC, ETH, LTC or DSH address. In order to receive the tokens we will need a wallet that accepts ERC20 tokens. In your personal token sale area, you will be presented an option to provide your address. You’ll be able to see the balance inside your NAGA Wallet where they will be securely stored until the ICO ends.

In order to receive your tokens when the ICO ends, we need your ETH Address from your ERC20 Wallet.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to buy NGC Tokens.

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