You will need to go to the ImToken website and choose Iphone download or Android download?
You dont have a ImToken website wallet. But through the App is very easy to manage it.

You will be welcomed to the app. If you opened and do not have a Wallet with ImToken. You will need to follow some simple steps. It don´t take long. 

You will need to do the Risk Questionaire. ImToken want to proof if you have experience. 

You can check your answers and the results if you have the correct answers ticked.

After you have successfully answered the Questionaire this window will pop up. If you have a wallet you can easily import it. If you dont have a ImToken Wallet you might need to click on "Create Wallet"´.

In this section you need to put in your Wallet name and a strong password.
Store you wallet name and passwort somewhere you can find it.

Now you have created the ImToken Wallet successfully.

And thats how your wallet look like if you have it shown up like that you are correct!

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