You can have a Wallet in these 5 easy steps.
First of all you will need to download the Ethereum Mist wallet. You can download the newest Version of Mist wallets here on this link. This link will direct you to the Ethereum Github and to the Mist Wallet.
If you get on the website just scroll down to Downloads and load the newest OS of Ethereum Mist Wallet.

After you have downloaded the zip. unpack it and start the application

Open an Account

If this is your first time you installing the Mist Wallet, you are going to be ask if you want to choose the test network or the main network
Choose the main network for storing Ether.

Choose the Main network and go further.

You are going to be ask if you already have a JSON Presale Data. Eventually you have a data from the Ether Presale. You can comfortably Drag and Drop it in the window.
If you dont have the Data you can press SKIP.

Now you are going to set up the real account. An Ethereum account 

For creating an account you need to type in a passwort . This passwort should be a strong passwort if you want to store and buy some Ethereum or Coins. You need to write the passwort down and make sure you don´t lose it.

In this case if you lose your passwort or it got stolen or cant find it anymore. Im afraid to say that you are going to lose all your Ether - Coins!!!

The next window shows you a particularly useful extra of the Ethereum Mist Wallet. You can buy Ether coins directly from the Mist Wallet. You can buy Bitcoins first for you and convert them into Ethereum coins via Shapeshift.

The button "Deposit Bitcoins" opens a pop-up window that lets you deposit Bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies) and convert them into Ethereum Coins. If you would like to buy Ether- Coins later, click on "Next".

In the end you can click through the individual windows. There more you must click on "Next" and "Back" or just start the Ethereum Mist Wallet application by clicking on "Launch Application".

Here you go!!

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