To create an accepted and powerful currency for stock trading and gaming. > Multi purpose, diversified and value increasing.

We want to build a community in which the boundaries between customers, partners and investors become blurred. In particular, we believe that there is a large intersection between traders, gamers, and crypto-investors

That's why we want to bring them together into one community. The blockchain based NGC ensures full transparency, safety and accessibility for anyone who wants to participate in the space of financial trading and investing, in-game-item trading and crypto investing by providing a comprehensive, reliable, safe and transparent infrastructure. 

Furthermore, the NGC solves the problem of centralised controlled Fiat currencies which primarily exclude everyone without a bank account (currently 2 billion people) to participate and invest in the financial markets. 

NGC also makes other markets like virtual goods trading accessible for anyone without the need of having a bank account or credit card. Being able to also use NGC to purchase education programs and acquire online degrees adds as well to the versatile use-cases and benefits of the NGC and contributes to our goal of make trading and investing comprehensive, understandable, safe, transparent and accessible for everyone. 

Furthermore: Switex requires in game items to be blockchain based to 

a) guarantee authenticity of items, 

b) prevent fraud 

c) make transactions transparent 

d) make transactions traceable 

e) prevent abuse and money laundering

f) allow partners within the ecosystem (publishers, affiliate partners etc.) to participate in the value chain and have a transparent way that allows such partners to have an “embedded live audit” with regards to any receivables.

Most of these attributes will apply to Swipestox as well (publishers are “brokers, banks financial institutions within this context). NAGA believes that the trading financial space will naturally evolve into the blockchain space and that financial transactions will be governed by smart contracts. 

The NAGA ICO and NGC build the foundation for NAGA and the NGC to play an important role and to secure a seat in the front row of this development. 

Naturally, all these attributes will furthermore apply using the NAGA wallet to trade and invest in cryptocurrency, including purchasing scoring, rating and analysis services. 

Furthermore, we believe that such crucial functions should not be owned/governed by a centralised company but rather the token holders.

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